Carole Guillen The Call of the Earth

ISBN 13 : 9782748341317

The Call of the Earth

9782748341317: The Call of the Earth
Biographie de l'auteur :

Carole Guillen was born in France in 1976. Studies of trade and a MA degree in global communication lead her towards the field of communication and advertising. Since childhood, she wanted to be an author or a musician. Each word is some kind of music note. Each rythm of sentences is an arabesque, a jump, a step. Carole Guillen lives in Paris. She loves travelling, meeting others cultures and observing the beauties of nature. Today, she is committed to promoting what she believes in: the conservation of life and species.

Présentation de l'éditeur :

English translation of her collection of poems, Carole Guillen’s « The Call of Earth » immerses us in the mysteries and splendours of wildlife. Respectfully, with fascination and tenderness, she describes and sings the threatened flora and fauna. From the African landscapes to the Amazonian forest, from the dying trees to the silence of the oceanic life, the poetess binds us to a fragile world, and communicates her spirit of protection.

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