Litterature Et Societe En Belgique Francophone 1944-1960

9782871064978: Litterature Et Societe En Belgique Francophone 1944-1960

381pp , IN FRENCH ON THE BOOK :: In the decades following World War II , the literary life in French-speaking Belgium has a spectacular activity : the creation of an unprecedented number of journals, literary awards institution , the establishment of a true policy of Fine Arts and letters , etc. However, some work exclusively in these years , therefore remained largely unexplored . It is to this task that Bibiane freche Literature and Society is dedicated in French-speaking Belgium (1944-1960) , a work whose aim is to examine " the structure of the Belgian French postwar literary in its entirety" ( p . 10) as a " comprehensive approach to literary reality [is ] into account not only the writers and production , but also the relational system that links the authors , colleagues , leaders and professionals , public institutions literary and artistic worlds , journalism , social , political and economic " ( ibid . ) . Project large-scale data correspond to restart limit uncensored cultural activity at the end of the war, and the final consecration of neoclassicism with the election of Marcel Thiry the post of Permanent Secretary of the Royal Academy of French language and literature in Belgium ( ARLLF ) in October 1960. 2 entry points to the characteristics of literary settings , where agents of Belgium and the French literary works , while contributing a story and its own literary tradition , are in a situation of physical dependence ( small size of the local market) symbolic ( the organs of power uncontested Parisian consecration ) of France. This dependence , temporarily suspended during the occupation is generic and editorial Belgians " strategically positioned relative to dedicated center " or assimilation or distinguishing itself ( cf. p . 10-11) options. The alternation of these two attitudes is the basis of periodization in three phases classic literary history (centrifugal , centripetal and dialectic ) and Belgium. The period studied is well situated at the en

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