Dans Le Ciel De France- JG 2- Volume 3-1942 (The History of JG2 Richtofen)

9782930546087: Dans Le Ciel De France- JG 2- Volume 3-1942 (The History of JG2 Richtofen)

In The Skies of France- The History of JG 2 "Richthofen" In addition to a careful description of the facts relating to the history of this prestigious wing of the Luftwaffe, this book presents numerous testimonies of survivors or documents (such as letters, newspapers of war...) written by pilots missing in action. This book also shows that even if they flew planes bearing swastikas or black cross, their concerns differed little from those of their opponents. Opponents who respected each other, it was not rare, indeed, to take off at the end of the mission to try to locate the downed enemy to send relief. Bases of JG 2: Beaumont, Bernay, Brest, Cherbourg Octeville, Théville, Couvron, St. Quentin, Signy, Evreux, Cézanne, Calais, Oye, Monceau St Vaast, Saint Pol / Brias... and many others. We would like to thank especially five JG "Richthofen" veterans who have marked this Chronicle: Julius Meimberg and Erich Rudorffer, their help and the preface that they were kind enough to write; and Hennig Strumpell, Wolfgang Falck and Dr Siegfried Bethke, unfortunately all three died in the meantime, for their encouragement and their unfailing availability. Volume 3 offers 238 pages in DIN A4 format and covers the year 1942. It is articulated in the following manner: 1: Chapter 12 - winter 1942 2: Chapter 13 - intensified fighting 3: Chapter 14 - one was bloody 4: Chapter 15 - Dieppe and the end of the summer 1942 5: Chapter 16 - autumn 1942: counter "Viermots" 6: Chapter 17 - African adventure 7: Annex - losses known to the JG 2 in 1942 (the lists of WINS being incorporated in the text)

Les informations fournies dans la section « Synopsis » peuvent faire référence à une autre édition de ce titre.

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