Michael Grossrubatscher PilotsReference Guide

ISBN 13 : 9783000241727

PilotsReference Guide

9783000241727: PilotsReference Guide
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Gut strukturierte Handbücher aus Papier sind auch im Zeitalter von Apps und Wikis keinesfalls ein angestaubtes Medium. Das "Pilots Reference Guide" von Michael Grossrubatscher ist eine perfekte Ergänzung zu elektronischen Medien bei Lizenzerwerb und Flugvorbereitung. Themen wie Aerodynamik, Flugleistung, Navigation, Wetter, Flugzeugsysteme oder Menschliches Leistungsvermögen stellt das Buch knapp zusammengefasst und übersichtlich dar. Auf 308 Seiten finden sich neben kurzen Texten und Formelsammlungen auch viele anschauliche Grafiken. Dem Autor gelingt dabei eine gute Balance zwischen technisch-mathematischem Grundlagen sowie Regelwerken und der praktischen Umsetzung im fliegerischen Alltag. Das Buch ist komplett auf Englisch verfasst und schafft so auch noch einen schnellen Zugang zum Fachvokabular. Einziger Optimierungspunkt für die nächste Auflage: Tabellen mit den gängigsten Umrechnungsfaktoren zwischen Fuß und Meter, Gallone und Liter etc. Michael Grossrubatscher: Pilots Reference Guide, ISBN 3-00-016686-6, Preis für die Taschenbuch-Ausgabe: 69,00 Euro. (03/2011 From Flugrevue magazine)

CPLs and PPLs will find a great deal to evoke their interest in this book which aims to cover much of the theory which an ATPL pilot needs in practice. Presented in a handy A5 sized format, the layout is appealing with each topic being treated by one page of text facing a page of original colour illustrations and tables. With seven chapters entitled Aerodynamics, Engines, Performance, Design, Navigation, Weather and Human Performance, more than half the content is devoted to the substantial subjects of principles of flight and aircraft systems. The author is well qualified: he is a graduate engineer and former 737 pilot who flies a range of aircraft for DLR, Germany's national aeronautics and space research centre. Only rarely do the odd Germanic English idiosyncrasies creep in. Much of the ATPL theory syllabus is addressed. Mass and Balance, some aspects of Operational Procedures and Instrument systems don t come as explicit chapters but are rolled into the other seven headings. This does not claim to be a comprehensive text book but even so. I regretted that Pilots Reference Guide did not include material on Operational Procedures, Aviation Law, and VFR/IFR Communications for completeness. For an extensive treatment of every subject you would need to buy Phil Croucher s much weightier and more expensive tome, JAR Professional Pilot Studies. Besides summarising a lot of key examination material. Michael Grossrubatscher succeeds in providing succinct explanations of many challenging theoretical concepts. This book has a comprehensive index and is great both as revision aid and book to dip into as a refresher. I wish I d had a copy when preparing for the ATPL theory exams it would have been a worthwhile investment. (02/2011 From Today's Pilot magazine - todayspilot.co.uk)

The publisher Michael Grossrubatscher is a graduated engineer and airline pilot. His book is mainly aimed at the professional pilot but the content serves basically any aviation enthusiast who wants to know 'how it works'. The book comes in a handy A5 format and should fit easily into a crew bag or laptop case. If you are preparing for an upcoming interview, the book will help you to refresh your knowledge on Aerodynamics, Engines, Performance, Design, Navigation, Weather and Human Performance. Besides, it is also a great source for any pilot to keep up her/his knowledge on the above mentioned topics. The text is illustrated with many graphics, helping you to understand and memorize what you read more easily. Looking up a specific topic is simple. A keyword index will take you straight to the page you are looking for. Topics are well covered and avoid going into too much details irrelevant to the pilot. The presented material is all you need too know at an interview or if asked by a check pilot. I personally found the information on performance, weather and aerodynamics very helpful as they are explained thoroughly but in an easy-to-understand way. The book is so far the best I have seen if you want to refresh your ATPL knowledge, whether it is just for yourself or because you prepare for an interview respectively check. (10/2007 From Flitework.com)

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The PilotsReference Guide© is a comprehensive summarization of many abstract topics for pilots, engineers and aviation enthusiasts. It can be effectively used to prepare for ATPL exams and airline interviews. The PilotsReference Guide© closes the knowledge gap between your airline's operating manual and the airplane's operating handbook all in one handy volume. It fits in your flight bag easily and you can refresh your valuable ATPL knowledge while away from home. It explains one main subject area on one spread double page with the text on the left and all relevant graphics on the right side. The table of contents enables a quick start to the desired subject areas or specific topics.

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