Astrophysics and Cosmology of Gravity-Like Fields

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9783000506246: Astrophysics and Cosmology of Gravity-Like Fields

On 25 November 1915, A. Einstein published his general theory of relativity that established the physical nature of spacetime. In spite of this dramatic step forward, gravitation is still the most mysterious force in the Universe. Today, 25 November 2015, one hundred years after Einstein, following Einstein's vision about the interaction of gravity and electromagnetism, in this book a bold view on a major extension of Einsteinian gravitation is presented, termed Extended Heim Theory (EHT), but also based on recent experiments, since, ultimately, physics is an experimental science. The authors aim at presenting the ideas of the underlying novel physical concepts along with their far-reaching consequences. EHT has major repercussions for both the standard model of particle physics and cosmology. For instance, the existence of six gravitational bosons is required, replacing the singular graviton of general relativity, and consequently the existence of hitherto unknown gravitational fields is predicted. The evaluation of these data, including recent LHC and Planck satellite measurements, invariably leads to the conclusion that long cherished concepts like higher spatial dimensions, supersymmetry, superstring theory etc. most likely are ruled out. On the cosmological side, the physical model of EHT is used in an attempt to explain the unknown nature of dark energy and dark matter and their interaction with the underlying spacetime lattice. The primer concludes with a chapter named Road to a Different Age, discussing the highly different Weltbild from a gravity-modified physics, offering undreamed possibilities. The authors are convinced that the present book is containing a large amount of exciting material that should be of substantial benefit to those readers willing to leave the trodden path of science and to accept the challenge. To download an excerpt search for Researchgate Jochem Hauser. For news check or

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