Astrophysics and Cosmology of Gravity-Like Fields

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9783000506246: Astrophysics and Cosmology of Gravity-Like Fields

Gravitation, the most mysterious force in the Universe, has maintained the interest of researchers at every stage in the history of physics, but major aspects are not yet understood. In this book a bold and dramatic view on the extension of Einsteinian gravitation is presented that is based on both a novel physical model, termed EHT, as well as on experiments, since physics ultimately is an experimental science. The level of presentation is technical, but the pace is gentle and the usage of mathematics is kept to a minimum. Instead, the authors aim at presenting the ideas of the underlying novel physics. To aid the reader, two glossaries are providing physical as well as mathematical definitions based on example. Topic coverage is non-traditional. Drawing on their research over the last fifteen years, the authors have written a primer describing novel gravitational fields, to be generated through interaction between electromagnetism and gravitation. However, in contrast to current physics, major emphasis is placed on experimental evidence. Featuring comprehensive evaluation of experimental and cosmological data of twelve recent experiments, the text presents far-reaching consequences on current developments in cosmology and particle physics. Consequently, long cherished concepts of so called advanced physics like higher spatial dimensions, supersymmetry, superstring theory, supergravity etc. are most likely ruled out. The physical model of EHT is employed to explain the unknown nature of dark energy and dark matter. The primer concludes with the chapter Road to a Different Age, discussing a highly modified Weltbild of physics that seems to offer undreamed possibilities, e.g. propellantless space propulsion and energy generation. The book contains a large amount of exciting material that will be of substantial benefit to those readers willing to leave the trodden path. An excerpt of the book can be downloaded by specifying: Researchgate Jochem Hauser

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