Acoustics & Vibration of Mechanical Structures (Applied Mechanics and Materials)

9783038356288: Acoustics & Vibration of Mechanical Structures (Applied Mechanics and Materials)

Collection of selected, peer reviewed papers from the XIII International Symposium Acoustics & Vibration of Mechanical Structures (AVMS 2015), May 28-29, 2015, Timişoara, Romania. The 53 papers are grouped as follows: Chapter 1: Analytical Approaches to Nonlinear Problems; Chapter 2: Environmental and Occupational Noise; Chapter 3: Structural Vibration; Chapter 4: Vibration Problems in Industrial Processes; Chapter 5: Biomechanics; Chapter 6: Measurements in Vibration Problems. Keywords Ed.: Vibration, Noise, Analytical Techniques, Experimental Approaches, Simulation. Review from Ringgold Inc., ProtoView: Editors Herisanu and Marinca present students, academics, researchers, and professionals working in a wide variety of contexts with a collection of peer-reviewed papers selected from research presented at the thirteenth International Symposium on Acoustics and the Vibration of Mechanical Structures held in May of 2015 in Romania. The editors have organized the contributions that make up the main body of the text in six chapters devoted to analytical approaches to nonlinear problems, environmental and occupational noise, structural vibration, vibration problems in industrial processes, and a wide variety of other related subjects. Ringgold Subjects: Classical mechanics, Materials science, Mechanical engineering.

Les informations fournies dans la section « Synopsis » peuvent faire référence à une autre édition de ce titre.

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