"Introducing Saxophone - Duets" easy Duets for Beginners, Edition for two Saxophones by James Rae


Title: "Introducing Saxophone - Duets" easy Duets for Beginners
Instrumentation: two Saxophones (S/A/T)
Edition with separate Part for Saxophone 2 (Tenor) if Part 1 is played on alto Saxophone
Composer: James Rae
Publisher: Universal Edition
Pages: totaö 20
Difficulty: 1
Language: English, French, German
These volumes introduce beginners to ensemble playing. Parts are of the same technical level and will familiarize players with a new set of considerations to become a good team player. Ideal for concerts, examinations and group teaching
James Rae's eminently successful tutor Introducing the Saxophone was the first of its kind providing the complete beginner with material in popular styles yet allowing for a sound musical development along traditional lines. Now, complementing the tutor, James Rae has produced these three volumes to introduce the beginner to ensemble playing. The parts are of the same technical level and are written, with hints and tips along the way, to familiarize the beginner with a new set of considerations and become a good team player
- Sanctus
- Ancient Legend
- On the Bright side
- Game On!
- On a Journey
- A Sad Affair
- Traffic Dance
- Follow my Leader
- Two for Tea!
- The Old Dripping Tap
- The Funky Frankfurter
- Waltz Without Words

Les informations fournies dans la section « Synopsis » peuvent faire référence à une autre édition de ce titre.

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