Aue-Verlag 40 x 19 x 19 cm "Brandenburg Gate Berlin" Model Kit

9783870296520: Aue-Verlag 40 x 19 x 19 cm

Schreiber-Bogen Card Modelling The Brandenburg Gate
Colored model to cut out and stick!
Material: Paper, Cardboard
Length: 40 cm
Width: 19 cm
Height: 19 cm
Difficulty : 2
Number of sheets: 5.5
Scale: 1:160
The Brandenburg Gate
       The Brandenburg Gate in the centre of Berlin is not only the symbol of the city, but also the scene of important historic events which made the former city gate world famous.
       Its history begins ten years after the end of the Thirty Years War with the building of the city wall. In 1658 a simple city gate was erected on the road from Berlin to Brandenburg. In 1769 King Friedrich Wilhelm II commissioned a plan to improve the appearance of Berlin, and the draft of the Brandenburg Gate was also included. The old gate was pulled down in 1788 and the new plan was put into action. The new gate in the classicist style reminds one of the temples in Greek Antiquity. Reliefs on the fascia and the inside of the entrances show Greek and Roman gods. Both columned halls to the right and left of the Brandenburg Gate were completed in 1868 after the city wall had been pulled down. In 1793 the Quadriga was installed on the roof. This copper statue depicts the Roman goddess of victory driving a four-horse chariot, symbolically bringing peace to the city.
       But it was a long time before there was peace. During the occupation by Napoleon in 1806 many art treasures were stolen from Berlin and taken to Paris, including the Quadriga. It was intended to decorate the Triumphal Arch there. Jacob Grimm (one of the Brothers Grimm) discovered it once more, and it returned to Berlin in 1815.
       The Brandenburg Gate has been the scene of many parades and demonstrations, like the 1848 Revolution, Prussian victory parades and the seizure of power by the Nazis in 1933. The Brandenburg Gate

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Product Description :

Aue-Verlag lasercut DIY models are great fun for everyone. Made in Germany - all items are suitable for children. Tools needed to build models: scissors, modelling knife with snap off blade, water based glue, ruler and pins.

Box Contains :

1 x Brandenburg Gate Berlin Model

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