9783896451699: Regional Integration and Law - East African and European Perspectives

CONTENTS: J.L. Kanywanyi / U. Wanitzek / A. Nahayo / J. Döveling: Introduction - Regional Integration and Law - East African and European Perspectives. I. Regional Integration and Law in East Africa - J.L. Kanywanyi: Regional Integration and Law in East Africa - Some Major Challenges. D. Bikesha: The Role of Leadership in Implementation of the African Peace and Security Architecture Framework - The Case of the East African Community. A. Nahayo: On the Way to Harmonisation of Domestic Tax Laws within the East African Community - Achievements, Challenges and Prospects for Burundi. G.M. Fimbo: Human Rights Perspectives Regarding the Institution of Criminal Proceedings in Subordinate Courts in Tanzania. S. Nyanzi: Madatory SIM Card Registration in Uganda - A Critical Analysis of Its Effectiveness. G.K. Kazoba: Combating Counterfeit and Substandard Pharmaceuticals in Tanzania - Consumer Protection within the Framework of the East African Community Single Customs Territory. II. Regional Integration and Law in Europe - O. Dubos: The French Constitution and the European Union - The Alchemy of Sovereignty and Integration at the Service of the Constitutional Council? B. Kannowski: Regional Integration and Legal Harmonisation in the European Union - A German Perspective. J. Döveling: How Germany Contributes to the Effectiveness of European Law and Simultaneously Preserves Its Constitutional Identity - An Overview of the Relationship between German Law and European Law. U. Wanitzek / L.V. de Leeuw: Family Law and Human Rights - European Perspectives.

Les informations fournies dans la section « Synopsis » peuvent faire référence à une autre édition de ce titre.

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