Peter Braczko Zenza Bronica History

ISBN 13 : 9783930359752

Zenza Bronica History

9783930359752: Zenza Bronica History

softcover, 166 pages, 200 b&w illustrations, 6 x 8.5" (15x21cm). This book is a thorough and detailed history of Zenza Bronica, this important Japanese medium format camera manufacturer, and its products. The first Zenza Bronica camera appeared at the same time as the Nikon F, the legendary first Nikon 35mm single-lens reflex camera. The "Deluxe" was the first Medium format camera to have a rapid-return reflex mirror, the Model I and Model II bellows units had no competition in their technical versatility, and the special 105mm f/3.5 with a diaphragm shutter for flash photography set a standard for lens construction. Equally, no other medium format camera manufacturer was able to offer so many different lenses, for super wide-angles to long telephotos. Other highlights deserving praise are the TTL exposure meter attachment for the S2 and S2A, the reflex mirror construction of the EC - models, and the precise TTL attachment of the EC and EC-TL, making them the first roll film cameras with automatic TTL exposure control. This well-illustrated book contains more than long sought information about the Zenza Bronica systems. Peter Braczko takes you through an exciting historical period in which many of the things we take for granted were invented. CONTENTS: Zenza Bronica Model I The Japanese Competition The improved Camera The first Nikkor lenses The first accessories The Zenza Bronica S - The S2 - The S2A The competitive situation of the end of 1960s The EC Series - The EC-TL - The EC-TL II Lenses Zenza Bronica's new camera line: ETR, SQ and GS-1

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