OBiDi - LG G2 Screen Protector, Crystal Clear / Transparent - OBD Retail Packaging (Pack of 10)

9785891059900: OBiDi - LG G2 Screen Protector, Crystal Clear / Transparent - OBD Retail Packaging (Pack of 10)

Product Review
- Perfect protection for the screen of your LG G2
- Includes microfibre cleaning cloth, application card and instruction guide to make perfect-fitting quick and easy
- Enhance your device with this high quality OBiDi accessory. LG G2 Screen Protector, Crystal Clear / Transparent (Pack of 10) by OBiDi

Installation Instructions

Step 1:
Clean the screen surface thoroughly with the cleaning cloth we provided. Make sure the surface is completely dry before you apply the screen protector.

Step 2:
Locate the number 1 label on the film and peel off a small portion of the mask slowly. Avoid making contact with your finger. Carefully align the film to the corresponding edge of the screen.

Step 3:
Align and apply the film along one side of the screen. The film can be realign until it is perfectly fit on the screen. Use the smoothing card to eliminate any remaining bubbles after the film is completely on.

Step 4:
Locate the number 2 label and remove the mask to complete the installation. Smooth out any remaining bubbles with the smoothing card covered with the cleaning cloth to prevent scratches.

- Dust and dirt are the reasons for bubbles appearing on the protection film, ONE dust will make One bubble
- As long as there is no dust underneath all small bubbles will go away within 24 hours

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