Revolutionary New Massaging Liquid gel Insoles that actually work (12-13)

9786040792013: Revolutionary New Massaging Liquid gel Insoles that actually work (12-13)

Massage Insoles: Revolutionary new massaging insoles that actually work Do you do a lot of walking or are you on your feet all day? Then these insoles are for you Your feet float on a cool cushion of massaging fluid. To absorb shock by filling in spaces between your foot and shoe. The thermoplastic gel constantly massages your feet with every step you take. Helping deter back and foot discomfort They fit over the top of existing insoles and provide gentle massaging to your feet. They also absorb impact and reduce friction from day to day walking and distribute weight evenly across your feet. Enjoy comfort with each step you take! The fluid of these massaging insoles helps absorb shock and fills the spaces between your feet and your shoes. Trim these comfy inserts to fit your size perfectly and you'll feel like you're walking on water in no time!

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