Jane Eyre [VHS]

ISBN 13 : 9786300248557

Jane Eyre [VHS]

9786300248557: Jane Eyre [VHS]

The stunning BBC production of Charlotte Bronte's inspiring story is available for the first time on DVD. Jane Eyre (Zelah Clarke) is a mistreated orphan who learns to survive by relying on her independence and intelligence. Her first job in the outside world is governess to the ward of Mr. Rochester (Timothy Dalton), a man of many secrets and mercurial moods. The tentative trust between them slowly develops into romance, but their hopes for happiness will soon be jeopardized by a terrible secret.

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Description du produit :

1983 BBC mini-series adapted from Charlotte Brontë's classic novel. Young orphan Jane Eyre (Zelah Clarke) becomes the governess at Thornfield Hall, the mansion of the mysterious Mr Rochester (Timothy Dalton). The two fall for each other but there are strange goings-on in the house and the reason behind these events eventually causes Jane to leave. She manages to find herself a better life but something draws her back to Thornfield...

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