It's Potty Time [VHS]

ISBN 13 : 9786301982719

It's Potty Time [VHS]

9786301982719: It's Potty Time [VHS]

It's Potty Time Is Not For Parents. It was designed for children in order to take as much work off the parents as possible. Children should begin watching this video as soon as they watch TV. They will not potty train at this time, but they will learn the songs and sing them all the time. When their bodies are ready, usually between 18 & 24 months, they begin to understand the songs they have been singing and quickly translate the words into action. In no time at all they develop proper bathroom etiquette.

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Review :

"... My first choice ... "It's Potty Time," which I looked at because its a major best seller around the country." -- Roger Ebert of Siskel & Ebert

"... This cassette is cheerfully straight forward and in good taste." -- PARENT'S CHOICE AWARD

"In less than an hour this video can accomplish more than all of a parent's lecturing can in months." -- VIDEO DIGEST

"It's Potty Time, one of the most clever techniques ever thought of to assist parents in potty training their children." -- PLAY MAGAZINE

"The Video that makes toilet training fun!..."It's Potty Time" is a great use for video, and highly recommended" -- Leonard Maltin

From the Contributor :

Bathroom Etiquette is much more than just going to the potty. It's Potty Time teaches children when, where and how!!! They learn to close the door, how to wipe, flush the toilet, wash their hads and boys are taught to lift the lid and put it back down!!!

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