Fortunes of War [VHS] [Import USA]

ISBN 13 : 9786302430769

Fortunes of War [VHS] [Import USA]

9786302430769: Fortunes of War [VHS] [Import USA]

The Baltics, 1939, British Professor Guy Pringle (Kenneth Branagh) arrives in Romania with his new bride Harriet (Emma Thompson) and becomes enmeshed in the politics of anti-fascism. Guy's social circle soon includes members of the Secret Service who want to involve him in dangerous missions. Their marriage is soon tested by accidental betrayal, callous insensitivity and a world in upheaval.

This 1987 BBC adaptation of Olivia Manning's novel cycle is a classy historical drama with exotic settings and fine performances from the two leads.

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Description du produit :

Long-term collaborators Kenneth Brannagh and Emma Thompson star in this epic wartime drama (which cost the BBC an estimated 7 million pounds). The story begins when the newly married couple arrive in Romania at the start of World War Two. The story then follows their adventures and life throughout the War and their subsequent flights from the countries around the Balkans and the Eastern Mediterranian to escape the Nazis.

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