Dancing Bears and more [VHS]

ISBN 13 : 9786302999754

Dancing Bears and more [VHS]

9786302999754: Dancing Bears and more [VHS]

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Step right up and experience awe-inspiring acts of daring, humor and non-stop entertainment! Watch as animal trainers, acrobats and exotic animals from land and sea create a circus that is truly a performance art... Welcome to the "Moscow Circus: Dancing Bears and More!

For over two hundred year they have been the pride of their homeland- traveling the world with their animal caravan, mesmerizing millions with their breathtaking, eye-catching spectacle.


The Cossack Riders- Once the feared cavalry of the Czars... now they channel their split-second timing, razor-sharp precision and lightning speed into high-energy routines of unparalleled horsemanship.

The Brown Bears- The amazing dancing and endearing personalities of the adorable brown bears have delighted audiences of all ages.


Dancing Bears: Part 1- T & A Filatov
Cossack Horse Tricks- Djigits of Almano Lazano
Solo Camel Act- O. Israfilov
Six Camel Act- N. Savkina & E. Israfilov
Snake Act- L. & V. Isatov
Juggling with Bears- S. Mikitin & V. Dolgin
Goat and Dog on Ice- N. & N. Zhuck
Doves and Eaglees- A. Volianskaya & V. Korovkina
Dancing Bears Finale- T. & A. Filatov

V.I.E.W. Video is proud to present the magnificent Moscow Circus- a glorious treasure of Russian culture. They will enchant the whole family with their dazzling artistry.

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Review :

An elaborate array of feats people do not have many reasons to smile, this famous institution is one of them -- The Toronto Sun- Jim Thomson

Awarded by: The Dove Foundation -- The Dove Foundation Family Approved Seal

a lange of performance art that leaves viewers wondering why the Ringling Bros. Elephants command so much attention -- Billboard Magazine

demonstrate the uniqueness in the circus tradition stemming from the performers technical prowess, and the vast array of animals -- The Bookwatch: The Midwest Book Review

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