French Twist [VHS]

ISBN 13 : 9786304136256

French Twist [VHS]

9786304136256: French Twist [VHS]

Sassy, sexy, and utterly outrageous, this comedy treat received outstanding critical acclaim and a Golden Globe Award nomination! Saucy suburban housewife Loli is furious when she discovers her playboy husband is a wild womanizer who has been cheating on her left and right for years! But things take an unusually funny turn when the van of a tough-talking, tender-hearted woman named Marijo breaks down in front of Loli's house! From then on, expect the hilariously unexpected as Marijo and Loli's relationship develops into much more than just a friendship ... and between the two of them, they devise the perfect revenge!

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Review :

Josiane Balasko wrote, directed, and costars in this lightweight French comedy about a lesbian (Balasko) who falls for a housewife (Victoria Abril) seething over the philandering of her husband (Alain Chabat). The latter is outraged about his spouse's same-sex affair, but over time, the two rivals make peace with the situation--causing Abril's character to throw a hissy fit of her own. This is a cute film that becomes, thank goodness, more interesting as it goes along, challenging comfortable notions about love as a haven from other challenges to the heart. --Tom Keogh

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