Titanic 2000: A Vampire's Lust is Unsinkable

9786305762690: Titanic 2000: A Vampire's Lust is Unsinkable

In the tradition of the Zucker Brothers Airplane and Mel Brooks Dracula: Dead And Loving It. - a sexy and erotic spoof of disastrous proportions! The year is 2000...There s a brand spanking new Titanic...and this time it s guaranteed not to go down. Yeah, right! Deadly cargo has been stowed aboard TITanic 2000 in the form of a beautiful and voluptuous vampire named Vladamina, but she s not there for the shuffleboard and all-night buffet. With the help of her ghoulish henchmen, this gorgeous, well-endowed (fangs, that is) creature of the night is on the prowl for an eternal soulmate of the female persuasion, and come hell or high water, nothing will stop her! Amidst Vladamina s luscious seductions and sensuous encounters of the naughty-cal kind, it becomes abundantly clear that this Titanic is definitely a Ship of Fools. There s Cap n Skimmer - the salty-tongued seaman who doesn t know his fore from his aft; Willy - the stalwart helmsman turned fearless lesbian vampire hunter; Smythe - TITanic 2000 s nervous architect who s not so sure about the cost-saving aluminum hull; Glitter Bolan - the washed-up heavy metal rock star with a bottle of booze for a microphone; Winslow - the All-American stud and artist with the 10 brush to prove it; the delectable Shari O Carey - Glitter s main squeeze and the object of Vladamina s insatiable lust, as well as many more hilarious and eccentric characters all who deserve a thorough soaking. So Full speed ahead! into the hottest, funniest, most rousing adventure ever to sail the high seas - TITanic 2000 s maiden voyage! - with not an iceberg on the horizon. And, boy!, are those vampires buoyant...after all, Vampire Lust Is Unsinkable! This 2-disc item is a DVD-R from Seduction Cinema / ei Independent Cinema studios. 2000 / 85 mins. (145 mins. TRT) / 2 DVD-Rs / Erotic Spoof / Color / Not Rated / Region 0 / English SPECIAL FEATURES: Before TITanic - Hilarious Comedy Sketches Written & Performed by Members of the TITanic 2000 Cast, Suzie s Bad Day Short Starring Tina Krause, Photo Gallery Featuring Stills of the Beautiful Women of TITanic 2000! SEDUCTION CINEMA TRAILERS! Coming Attractions to other Available Seduction Cinema DVDs

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