Selected Hydrogeologic Problems of the Bohemian Massif and of Other Hard Rock Terrains in Europe (Hydrogeologia)

9788322929124: Selected Hydrogeologic Problems of the Bohemian Massif and of Other Hard Rock Terrains in Europe (Hydrogeologia)

Contents: HYDROGEOLOGIC PROPERTIES OF HARD ROCKS - INVESTIGATION METHODS IN FRACTURED ENVIRONMENT Investigation Strategies in Hardrock Areas Using Small Data Sets; Hydrogeological Studies of Fractured Rock; Spatial Distribution of Hardrock Permeability: Consequences for Groundwater Flow/Chemical Composition; Analysis of Long-Term Spring Observation Data for Characterisation of a Near-Surface Weathered Hardrock Aquifer NUMERICAL MODELLING OF WATER SYSTEM IN HARD ROCK Groundwater Flow Modelling in Fractured-Rock Aquifer; Modelling of Medicinal Waters: Use of Algebraic Projection on Orthogonal Subspaces in Hilbert Space; Numerical Simulation: Borehole Tests in Fractured Rock CHEMICAL/ISOTOPIC STUDIES Chemistry of Groundwater in the Fissured Sedimentary Aquifer; Application of WATEQ4F Code: Hydrogeochemical Modelling of Carbonated Waters; Multitechnique Approach to Dynamics of Thermal Waters Ascribed to a Granitic Hard-Rock Environment; Problems of Radon Groundwaters Presence; Radon as a Natural Radioactive Tracer: Crystalline Rock Aquifers; Evolution of Groundwater Chemical Composition; Factor Analysis as Qualitative/Quantitative Method: Modelling of Hydrogeochemical Processes; He-4 Excess vs C-14 Ages in Thermal Waters IMPACT OF HUMAN ACTIVITY ON FRACTURED ENVIRONMENT Impact of Old Mining Activities on Surface Water; Changing of Groundwater Level After Starting the Flooding of the Konrad Copper Mine; Impact of Global Climate Change on Transmissivity of Shallow Hard-Rock Aquifers; Restoration of the Initial Hydrogeological Conditions; Impact of Uranium Contaminated Water: Lactuca sativa L. Grown in Soils NATURAL GROUNDWATER RESOURCES Issues of Methodology of Groundwater Runoff Determination, Mountain Areas; Water-Bearing Capacity / Groundwater Resources of Hard Rocks; Groundwater Renewable Resources; Groundwater Resources / Their Quality, Sudetes HYDROGEOLOGIC CASE STUDIES / MAPPING New Investigation Lines in the Hard Rock Aquifers; Hydrogeological Mapping

Les informations fournies dans la section « Synopsis » peuvent faire référence à une autre édition de ce titre.

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