Grant Morrison Kid Eternity

ISBN 13 : 9788446800101

Kid Eternity

9788446800101: Kid Eternity

Comics visionary Grant Morrison reimagines the unique character of Kid Eternity, a young man who died before his true time and returns to Earth as a ghostly spirit, along with his guardian Mister Keeper.In this 144-page trade paperback, illustrated by Duncan Fegredo, KID ETERNITY follows the terrifying night of aspiring stand-up comedian Jerry Sullivan as he joins Kid Eternity on a quest to free his Keeper from Hell.

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About the Author :

He's neither dead nor alive. He's Kid Eternity, a teenager endowed with supernatural powers and the ability to bring back the dead - a gift from the powers above for being taken by death ahead of his time. Now the free-spirited Kid Eternity is back as an agent of Chaos, in a world that's just a bit too ordered for his taste. The Kid must free his partner, Mr. Keeper, from indentured servitude in Hell before he can get on with his mission of undermining the forces of Order. Kid Eternity uses chaos magic to elevate humanity's existence, but this path to good intentions is paved with demons, death and madness...especially when his way is blocked by a sleazy evangelist and a stand-up comedian. Before this nightmarish excursion into the netherworld has ended, everyone will be swept away in a rush of insanity that sheds new light on good and evil, life and death.
Collects KID ETERNITY #1-3.

From School Library Journal :

Grade 11 Up–Stand-up comedian Jerry Sullivan is used to dying onstage–but not in a hospital bed. After a violent car accident leaves him in a coma, he meets supernatural traveler Kid Eternity. Killed before his time in World War II, Kid Eternity was granted the power to conjure up historical figures simply by chanting the word eternity. Along with his friend Mr. Keeper he has been condemned to hell for misusing his powers, and now he needs Jerry's help to get himself and Mr. Keeper out of the underworld. Through Fegredo's swirling and dreamlike painted images, readers are pulled down into hell and in and out of Sullivan's consciousness. Morrison's plot is disorienting and scattered, allowing readers to slowly piece together a sometimes-confusing narrative. Having the feel of Dante's Inferno on psychedelic drugs, this surreal story may be wholly unsatisfying and overly obscure to some readers. But those who can see past the holes into the lusciously bizarre art and deeply complex plot may find a heteromorphic tale of horror, myth, and survival. Dark, violent, and nightmarish, this volume would be best suited to those collections that include Neil Gaiman's entire Sandman oeuvre (DC Comics). Not for the timid, but a solid supplemental collection for public libraries that seek edgier selections.–Jennifer Feigelman, Goshen Public Library and Historical Society, NY
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