Nils-Ole Lund Nordic Architecture

ISBN 13 : 9788774072584

Nordic Architecture

9788774072584: Nordic Architecture

This book depicts some of the most important thoughts that have influenced architecture in the Nordic countries from the Stockholm Exhibition in 1930 up until 2000. A characteristic feature of this architectural development is the translation of trends and currents arriving from abroad. As this has occurred in different ways in the respective Nordic countries, the total picture is much richer than what each individual country could achieve. The book is divided in themes and each theme is illustrated with examples gathered across the national borders. In some cases it was necessary to concentrate on the conditions in a certain country. From abroad, the Northern countries are considered to be a unity, but despite this, this is the first example of a book that treats the newer Nordic architecture as a whole. Recent international development has given rise to a need to revive the notion of the North as a place where modern architecture in a modified form has survived. This book is a new and updated edition of Nordic Architecture from 1993 with new photos and a new layout. It is written in a language that makes it enjoyable not only for professionals but also those with a general interest in architecture.

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