Adalberto Libera. Malaparte's Villa in Capri 1938-1942 (Lectures of Architecture)

9788890345685: Adalberto Libera. Malaparte's Villa in Capri 1938-1942 (Lectures of Architecture)

Casa Malaparte is an Adalberto Libera project. This statement, that dazzle hypothesis dealing with uncertain paternity, is based on the following arguments: the experts who study this "architecture without architect" collect documents and evidences that partially recompose a picture that, however, lack many fragments. Like in a presumptive trial the experts analyze the documents to demonstrate how, after the first plan and its second version, Libera sneaks out to leave a leading role to Malaparte. The parts of this puzzle, patiently recomposed to demonstrate the role of Malaparte in the plan of the villa on Capo Massullo, invoke the missing fragments that would confute the appearance. Lost fragments can be properly found observing casa Malaparte. "Accusations" are based on the substantial difference between the first plan made by Libera for the building licence the 14th of March 1938 and the final result. This lack of correspondence, together with the absence of the architect from the building site since April 1938, leave many doubts about its real paternity. The story is made up of few chapters, short text, wide bibliography and a chronological section that fix in time the facts. The three versions of the project are read by graphic and comparative analysis. Two models have been made to show differences and new sights. This small book illustrate facts, and comments about one of the most famous and fine modern Italian building, considering that Adalberto Libera is the author of Casa Malaparte.

Les informations fournies dans la section « Synopsis » peuvent faire référence à une autre édition de ce titre.

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