Relaxation DVD - Koi Fish Pond with Nature Sounds

9789089700643: Relaxation DVD - Koi Fish Pond with Nature Sounds

PURE RELAXATION WITH JAPANESE GARDENS AND KOI FISH PONDS... This DVD provides deep relaxation with beautiful images of koi fish ponds, soothing music and nature sounds. The beautiful and relaxing images of nature are a unique and refreshing eye-catcher in your home, office and in public spaces like restaurants, doctor's and dentist's waiting rooms and health spas. 1. KOI POND FILM The main track of this nature DVD is a 25 minute film of different Japanese-style ponds full of beautiful koi fish. Watch these graceful fish move slowly through the water. 2. SOOTHING SCENES Two films of slowly-changing images provide a deep relaxation. Watch the koi fish slowly swim in bright blue water and enjoy beautiful scenes of different relaxing koi fish ponds. 3. KOI RELAXATION MENU Six short tracks, filmed from one point of view give you the feeling of sitting by the edge of six different koi fish ponds. SOOTHING MUSIC AND NATURE SOUNDS.. Each track can be played with a variety of sound options: Waterfall Sounds Pond Sounds Soothing Music And Water Sounds Mixed Sounds QUALITY... Filmed in full HD for crystal clear picture quality and amazing detail, this DVD is a beautiful natural decoration. All tracks are programmed to repeat automatically or use the Play All function.

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