Everyone Can Heal 21 Days of Guided Healing Processes

9789381115633: Everyone Can Heal 21 Days of Guided Healing Processes

Every human being feels the need to HEAL at some point in life and to find forgiveness, strength and understanding to live each day with positivity and grace. But what if the HEALER lies dormant in each one of us, just waiting to be invoked? Can the healer indeed become the healed? How uplifting to know the resources to heal both ourselves and those around us already exist – we only have to seek them within. Everyone Can Heal combines three books in this one volume: Book I: Healing Oneself – The Connecting Process Book II: Healing Relationships – You & I Are Beautiful Book III: Healing Loved Ones – Being There. This Unique book offers effective processes to heal the physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and other dimensions of human existence. Learning to heal at a distance and healing loved ones are both integral components of the book. The outlined processes tap into intuition and the senses we are all born with. Whether one is beginner or an established healer, this book is a valuable guide to creating a life of consciousness and purpose. It serves as a basic handbook of living and a complimentary tool to other healing therapies one may already be practicing. Each volume presents processes for 21 days, to help discover: the well of wisdom within; the sacredness of togetherness in our relationships; the soulful connections with our loved ones; and the truths about our own existence. Each of the three parts empowers healing by using a set of simple tools and techniques, encouraging us to turn the everyday pages of our lives differently. We first learn to heal ourselves, then our relationships, and finally our loved ones. HEALING IS THE GIFT WE CAN GIVE OURSELVES AND THOSE AROUND US.

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About the Author :

Sonia Mackwani is a channel and an intuitive-psychic healer. Her extensive metaphysical experiences since childhood have led her to walk the path of meditation, healing and divine mysticism. She founded the non-profit organization, Touching Lives Welfare Trust, which works towards education, empowerment and enlightenment initiatives for children. Along the way, she completed her Masters in Clinical Psychology and Clinical Hypnotherapy. Functioning as guide, mentor and healer, she now teaches healing techniques around the world. Sonia is also a founder-channel of the Master Reconnection Process, which creates our 8th sense as well as a freelance writer and author. Sonia is always happy to hear about her readers experiences with using these healing processes. To know more about healing, becoming part of healing programs, online learning sessions, sharing circles, newsletters, audios/videos or personal therapy/ healing sessions, you can connect with Sonia, who lives in Mumbai, : A percentage of royalties earned from Everyone Can Heal goes to the Touching Lives Welfare Trust

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