Airsoftmask Japanese Hannya Evil Airsoft Mask and Prop Mask # 2

9789749498682: Airsoftmask Japanese Hannya Evil Airsoft Mask and Prop Mask # 2

Material The mask is made from high quality fiberglass resin reinforced by 3 layers of specialty glass fibers which make the mask light and strong and enable the wearer to move comfortably in the battlefield. · Size of the mask about 26 X 16 Cm. thick which can cover your whole face. · Mould It is cast by Thai artist who has more than 10 years of experience in sculpture. Casting a mould focuses on facial structure of human in order to get a mask that fits well with the face. · Painting It is painted by Thai artist but the styles will be varied depending on technique and design. Another two layers of paint will be put on for endurance and shiny effect. · Eye Great vision of the eye.It can be used all around because lens putting angles trim with moving of the human's eyes. Protection Eye metal mesh vision guard (Special Thickness). · Adjustable and supporting liners The mask come with perfect fit 2 point strap and doesn't annoy you between you are inthe battle field. · Ventilation

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