The Student's Code of Conduct (Chinese-English)

9789812294845: The Student's Code of Conduct (Chinese-English)

A true disciple is filial; has fraternal love; is vigilant and trustworthy; cares for the community; seeks the company of the virtuous, and pursues knowledge. Di Zi Gui or The Student's Code of Conduct, has its origins from this line in Analects of Confucius. Inspired by it, Chinese scholar Li Yuxiu of the Kangxi era formulated seven categories of instruction for his disciples' conduct in relation to people and the environment. This set of instructions became Xun Meng Wen or Lessons for Beginners, and was later revised and renamed as Di Zi Gui by Jia Cunren, a Qing scholar. Long regarded as an essential text for moral instruction, the classic serves as one of the most widely-used texts in educating generations of young Chinese. Its wisdom remains relevant and stands tall as a beacon in a sea of relentless change in today's world. With illustrations depicting modern-day context, this book attests to the classic's insight and practicality, rendering it a must-read that promises the essentials of all human relationships.

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Revue de presse :

Dear Asiapac Just would like to express our wonderment and gratitude to Asiapac Books in publishing the Di Zi Gui comic book! It will be a valuable book for inculcating the good moral values to our young and also to revive the good old timeless Confucian teachings! As spoken on the phone on our interest in acquiring the Di Zi Gui comic book for our boys next year, we would like to incorporate in our Chinese lessons to promote the teachings of Confucius for sound character development as well as values education. (Letter by Chinese Language teacher from a Singapore school)

Présentation de l'éditeur :

The Student's Code of Conduct, chinesischer Titel: Di Zi Gui - mit Originaltext in klassischem Chinesisch, der Lautschrift Hanyu Pinyin und englischer Übersetzung. Mit zahlreichen Beispielen der enthaltenen Verhaltensregeln in Comicform zum leichteren Verständnis. Das Di Zi Gui beinhaltet konfuzianisch geprägte Verhaltensregeln zur moralischen Erziehung von Kindern und Schülern und hat seinen Ursprung in den Analekten des Konfuzius.

Les informations fournies dans la section « A propos du livre » peuvent faire référence à une autre édition de ce titre.

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