Peter Stuart The Secret of the Universe

ISBN 13 : 9789889984243

The Secret of the Universe

9789889984243: The Secret of the Universe
Biographie de l'auteur :

Peter Suart was born in Jamaica, raised in Hong Kong and educated in U.K. From 1985 to 1999 he lived in Hong Kong, where he worked mainly in the performing arts field, and also for some years was a part-time lecturer on Music for Dance at the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts. Suart has produced graphic works for magazines, books, and also for numerous theatre and dance performances. He has also exhibited pictures and designed theatre sets. Some of his pictures are now in private collections in the U.K. A man of many parts, Suart has also composed poems and lyrics, written (and himself performed) four one-man plays, and acted and narrated with theatre and dance companies. Currently, he is working on two writing projects - a novella and an illustrated parable. Suart has released six solo albums of music and two others with fellow musician Kung Shi Sing as 'the box' - a theatrical music ensemble. Solo and with 'the box' he has performed in numerous concerts, dance and music theatre works in Hong Kong and Taiwan. Concerts are planned for Cuba later in 2001. On the sports front, Peter represents a major - and as yet unsuspected - challenge to the world's leading table tennis stars. As a result of his Hong Kong experience, Suart speaks Cantonese as fluently as his native English. Suart lives in England.

Présentation de l'éditeur :

The Secret of The Universe, the fourth Tik and Tok adventure, takes our players into the magical world of the theatre where they meet a very odd cast of characters on their quest for the Secret. Dr Quill, perched high in his sky-scratching tower, is less than helpful. Master Wax doesn't know what he's talking about and Rowman Rheum is downright grumpy. Are they all leading Tik and Tok on a wild goose chase? Will our voyagers discover the shattering Secret that lies at the heart of the Universe? And will they get home in time for tea?

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