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Since 1980 Daedalus Books has offered quality books at greatly reduced prices. From the thousands of books offered by publishers as remainders every year, we selectively choose books which are of lasting value. Remaindered books are the difference between what a publisher printed and what was sold. Bestsellers, classics, and overlooked gems get remaindered when the remaining stock is larger than the projected future sales. We are devoted to keeping these good books before the reading public.

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Since 1980 Daedalus Books has been the premier source for bibliophiles looking for quality bargain books. We are devoted to keeping good books before the reading public, and add new bargain titles to our website every day.

Returns: We welcome returns within a 30-day period. When you return a defective CD or DVD, please provide a detailed description of the defect. If the defective disc is part of a set, contact our Customer Service Department at 1-800-944-8879 or 1-410-309-2706 (9AM-5PM ET weekd...


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