Cain; Neuleib The Mercury Reader

ISBN 13 : 9780321074997

The Mercury Reader

9780321074997: The Mercury Reader
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A database of nearly 400 essays and works of literature, The Mercury Reader provides a dynamic option for first year writing courses by allowing you to tailor a reader to your specific needs. Each selection comes with a biographical headnote and optional discussion questions. In addition to selecting reading, you may choose from 7 instructional chapters (5 new) as well as brief introductions to 9 rhetorical strategies and 13 themes (2 new).

Building your own version of the The Mercury Reader is easy. Simply decide which selections to include and order in which they appear. Up to 20% of your custom reader can be your own writing and/or readings from outside sources. Once your order is placed, Pearson Custom Publishing compiles the book, adds a customized title page and table of contents, and ships the books directly to the bookstore. The books can be produced in 4-6 weeks.

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