Set-Off and Netting, Derivatives, Clearing Systems (Volume 4 in the Series)

9780414044746: Set-Off and Netting, Derivatives, Clearing Systems (Volume 4 in the Series)

Part of the Law and Practice of International Finance series, this work gives practical guidance on set-off and netting, derivatives and clearing systems, in virtually all the world's jurisdictions to help you reduce exposure to risk in international financial contracts. This volume:- Provides you with a worldwide comparative study of set-off and netting, including a survey of special netting statutes globally so you can apply the appropriate legislation, directives and case law correctly, no matter where the parties are based or operating- Includes outlines of set-off and netting agreements, including group account netting, together with commentary so you can draft agreements easily- Covers all types of derivatives and derivative markets and the legal risks that may arise so you are clear on the law surrounding how these should be agreed- Gives you clear outlines for swaps and derivatives transactions, clarifying the terms used to help you with this complex area- Discusses the legal risks of derivatives so you know what to look out for- Analyses the ISDA master agreement giving you expert guidance on its meaning and how it can be used in practice- Deals with the law of securities and settlement systems so that you know how the law and systems can be used effectively and efficiently

Les informations fournies dans la section « Synopsis » peuvent faire référence à une autre édition de ce titre.

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