Cinderella Ballet

ISBN 13 : 9780803022010

Cinderella Ballet

9780803022010: Cinderella Ballet

The fairy tale of Cinderella is based on the story by the poet Charles Perrault and has been performed as a ballet for over 150 years. However, its enormous success came only after Sir Frederick Ashton, inspired by the wistful and imaginative Sergei Prokofiev score (written in 1945), choreographed Britain's first full-length ballet.

In this DVD version, staged by the Berlin Comic Opera Ballet Company, the beautiful Prima Ballerina Hannelore Bey dances the role of Cinderella with tenderness, dignity and alluring grace, while Roland Gatwick creates an outstanding Prince. Staged and choreographed by Tom Schilling, the splendid decor and costumes enhance the ballet's inventiveness, vision and fluidity while dancers perform to the music of a full orchestra conducted by Siegfried Kratzer. Highlights include the ballroom Pas de Deux for Cinderella and her Prince, and the comic roles of her stepsisters and stepmother.

The world-acclaimed Berlin Comic Opera Ballet has a history spanning over 230 years. Adapting classical Russian technique, the Ballet Company has always felt a responsibility to make ballet accessible to the young by staging special performances as an introduction to the art of dance.

Over 40 Scene Selections
Story Synopsis
Prokofiev Biography
Cinderella Trivia
Bonus Classical Music from Pianist Lara Downes
Dolby Digital Stereo Audio
Digitally Mastered Audio & Video
Multi-Directional Interactive Menus

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Review :

Where has this been hiding? This video of Cinderella is a gem that is enjoyable from beginning to end. Schilling's choreography, and the whole production, has taste, wonderful imagination, real humor, and it dances...the familiar story in a fresh way. You'll follow the characters with fascination and you'll love everything you see... The whole company is great. Yes, get this one. --ATTITUDES Dance Magazine

A world of enchantment... The cast is energetic and the ensemble passages are effective. Sets and Costumes add to the picture, and the sound quality of the wonderful Prokofiev score is excellent. --On Pointe Magazine

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