Erin Rosenfeld Half of Me

ISBN 13 : 9781514768877

Half of Me

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9781514768877: Half of Me

Grace and Mia. Mia and Grace. That’s the way it’s always been for these identical twin sisters. They’re always together—at least, that’s the way everyone else sees them. But the truth is that they don’t get along as easily as everyone would assume. As total opposites, Mia wants nothing to do with her innocent sister. But Grace wants nothing more than to tag along with Mia...even if it’s only for one day. So in an attempt to get her twin off of her back, Mia gives Grace what she wants. For one day, they switch. Mia pretends to be Grace. Grace pretends to be Mia. And no one knows the difference. But things quickly go very wrong. In a tragic chain of events, each twin makes choices that will change everything. One twin lives. The other dies. And because of their switch, everyone believes that the girl who really lives is the one who lost her life. In the days and weeks that follow, both sisters are forced to endure the consequences of their decisions: one on earth and one torn between life and death.

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