Renato D'Agostin Metropolis

ISBN 13 : 9788890280801


9788890280801: Metropolis

From the text by Renato Miracco The city as a place in which we live, work and love looses its physical dimension and becomes a place of pure emotion. Its buildings and streets become paths of reason and emotion similar and/or different wherever we happen to be. The images in the photograph are only signs, the warmth of emotions left on the ground or, in the words of James Hillman, the soul of places. In fact, a careful reader will immediately realise that the city, the places shot by the photographer, belong to completely different yet identical realities, because they are places that shimmer with feeling. In his photographs, Renato portrays a place in which the mind searches for what we normally call the scraps of the soul and immediately transfers them into an oneiric dimension. The photographer participates and is intimately involved in the metahistorical development of the story: a series of images and tales that are not real but images of what we have called a parallel reality. This reality escapes our daily considerations to become the ecstatic revelation that some philosophers would call the vision of our third eye. The environment is full of soul and inextricably part of who we are because our surroundings nurture our soul insofar as they feed our imagination.New forms or, better still, new images are based on reality, but contain a kernel of memory, something that is above all spiritually alive and present: so sometimes our soul soars to new heights when touched by the charisma of brilliance: wonder, thauma, prerogative of the gods, the emotional ecstasy of man.

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